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Welcome to The Ultimate Spice. The only spice you will ever need!

About us

We strive to provide our customers with a fresh herb, low-salt seasoning to enhance your dining experience. Whether you're cooking steak, ribs, chicken, or any seasoned food, you'll feel good we use the freshest spices, real sea salt, which will add a flavor that turns good dishes great!  Now you can feel like a world-class chef when you use our great choice of spices.  Eat smart knowing we only use the best products, prepared in a commercial kitchen, and packaged to fit any size of cooking needs.

We realize that our customers and their guests may have dietary restrictions. You can feel good just knowing that all of our spices are wheat, preservative, additive, gluten and MSG free.  We are aware that our customers may like some but not all of the spices in a blend.  Please feel free to contact us at ultimatespice@gmail.com regarding those changes.  

Just like our customers, we are environmentally friendly by providing refills for our spices so you can reuse the bottle again and again.  So whether you're cooking up a great meal for the big game, hosting a holiday dinner, or want to give that perfect gift to the special cook in the family, The Ultimate Spice is your place to be!  And see why everyone agrees, it's the only spice you'll ever need.