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01 Aug '15

Anytime Spice Fun

Posted by Karen Vogel

When we are at events, we always get asked what each spice can be used for.  One of our favorite customers helped us with a dip that we continue to use to this day.


Here is the recipe:

1 large container of Sour Cream ( we prefer Plain Greek Yogurt)
The Ultimate Sweet and Spicy Blend
The Ultimate Smoky Jalapeno Garlic Blend

This is where it gets fun…..

Place the sour cream or yogurt in a bowl and add the Sweet and Spicy Blend.  Combine really well.
Add the Smoky Jalapeno  Blend to taste.  Be careful during the blending process.  The Jalapeno Blend will sneak up on you if you aren’t careful.

Serve with veggies, crackers or use on finger sandwiches instead of mayo.  Makes a great snack.

Write us at ultimatespice@gmail.com with your favorite use of our spices.

Gina and Karen

P.S. The Ultimate Spice, our signature spice, makes a great dip as well.